Welcome to S.D.C

" Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the word. "The name and fame of the college depends on the calibre and achievements of the students and teachers. Parents, Guardians, Teachers as well as educationists are baffled and confused and show helplessness in the changing scenario of the modern society."


Our Mission

To develop faculty and resources to impart and disseminate knowledge and information to students and also to society that will enhance educational level, which in turn, will contribute to social and economic betterment of society. To install high standards of discipline, ethics and values amongst the future Engineers. To encourage students to work hard under the meticulous guidance of the eminent professors. To make their dream of bright future come true by holding a lucrative job with their overall personality development and improvement in the quality of life by empowering students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision

Education is not Preparation for Life Instead, education is life it self.

*A center where successful learning and high levelof achievements

*prepare children and young ones for fulfilling future lives.

*We promote values of democracy, the rule of Law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faith and beliefs.


Our Aim

We aim to meet the needs of every unique child through balanced curriculum which is based on developing skills for learning and investigating of the world around us. We work in effective partnership with the families and wider community, valuing all children as individuals and developing their interest and potential accordingly


Our Values

*Pupil must be respected, valued, nurtured and cognitive skills must be enhanced.

*We deem that successful learning is derived from skillful teaching.

*We lay emphasis on innovative and personalized curriculum and from a real partnership with families

*Learning should be fun. We emphasise the development of self-esteem and confidence.

*We ensure to protect and promote the right of every fillipino to quality, equality, cultural-based and complete basic education.


Enrollment Procedure

*School admits students abiding Article 29(2) of Indian Constitution (i.e.) Admission to any institution irrespective of religion, race, caste, creed, language or Socio - economic status of their parents.

*Admission from K.G. is based on entrance exam.

*Admission from class I to IX is based on Entrance Exam.

*Students Particulars will be incrusted according to Adhar Card.

*Guardians of the short-listed candidates are required to forth/present Report card, T.C. from the last attended at the time of admission within I month which will considered as provisional and admission will be tenable.

*Those candidates who are approaching from other districts and ambits should have their T.C. countersigned by a competent Educational Authority of the respective place.

*Birth Certificate in original form Nagar Mahapalika Maternity Hospital would be required for enrollment in Pre-primary classes.


Transport Facility

*Institution procures conveyance facility to the public on the parent's plea.

*Conveyance fee will be charged with monthly fee for 12 months.

*vGuardians are requested to make their own arrangement in the following cases.

*Mechanical break down

*Driver's illness

*Fall of their unavoidable circumstances during elections.

*Self driven vehicle is not tenable, either of the student caught violating the law as per school's management will be entitled for action.


School Uniform

For Play Group-Summers

Boys-Red Check half sleeve shirt Navy blue, bows belt. with navy blue socks and black shoes.

Girls- Red Check half sleeve shirt with bib style color, navy blue tunic, bow, navy blue socks and black shoes.

Boys- Check white with| grey half/full pant, tie & belt, navy blue socks and black shoes.

Girls- Checkshirt with grey waist yoke bib skirt with Knife pleats, tie & belt, navy blue socks and shoes.

For Secondary -

Boys- House T-shirt with white half/full part, belt, white socks & shoes.

Girls- House T-shirt with white skirt with knife pleats, belt white socks & shoes.

For Play Group to U.K.G -Winters

Boys- Red check full sleeve shirt with grey woolen tie, maroon half sleeve sweater with maroon jacket, navy blue socks and shoes.

Girls- Red check full sleeve shirt with bib style collar, with grey woolen pant, maroon half sleeve sweater, maroon jacket, lie & belt, navy blue socks with black shoes.

For T onwards -

Boys- Full sleeve check shirt with grey woolen pant, half sleeve maroon sweeter, maroon blazer, tie & belt grey socks with black shoes.

Girls(I-V)- Full sleeve check shirt with grey woolen pant, half sleeve maroon sweeter, maroon blazer, tie & belt grey socks with black shoes.

Other days and Saturday –

Boys- White pant/Skirts and house T-Shirts.

Girls*- Onwards- Full sleeve check shirt with grey woolen skirt, half sleeve maroon sweeter, maroon blazer, tie & belt grey socks with black shoes. White pant/skirts and house T-Shirts Sweater and blazer.



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